Dough Fat

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Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Biscuitine Dairy Fat Alternatives, Non Dairy Whipping Cream, Confectionery, Chocolate Fillings, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Dough Fat, Icing Shortening, Cream Fat, Frying, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese

All-round flexibility in bakery and confectionery production.

Shortfat Bakery, Cream Fat, Dough Fat

Multipurpose shortening suitable to meet your bakery needs.

Flavored Fats Dairy Fat Alternatives, Confectionery, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Dough Fat

Excellent butter and milk fat replacer with long shelf life.

RBD Palm Oil Culinary, Frying, Spreads, Bakery, Dough Fat
RBD Palm Olein Frying, Dough Fat, Bakery, Chocolate Spreads